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Overwatch To Get Lego Sets After Licensing Expo 2018 Announcement

by Derek Swinhart on May 22, 2018 at 12:40 PM

Blizzard is never done promoting Overwatch in every conceivable way, and their latest move is to license Overwatch Lego sets.

Announced at the 2018 Licensing Expo, there are going to be multiple sets with varied pricing. No other info is available in terms of release dates or what exactly the sets will contain. Hopefully maps, characters and various skins will all get their own representations as Overwatch is rife with material to mine for Lego.

Blizzard is celebrating the second anniversary of Overwatch starting today, marking two years since the game launched with an in-game event and a large number of new skins.

[Source: The Brick Fan]


Our Take:
Overwatch seems to be continuing its path to take over the entertainment world.  Between the Overwatch League, the game itself, toys, merchandise and now Lego, the game is as ubiquitous as ever. I love Lego and Overwatch, so these sets are a no brainer.