Halo: The Master Chief Collection Getting Xbox One X Enhancements Soon

by Derek Swinhart on May 22, 2018 at 11:56 AM

As previously teased, 343 Industries has outlined the upcoming Xbox One X enhancements to Halo: The Master Chief collection, as well as other major improvements. The Xbox One X update will have a host of fixes and visual upgrades, such as HDR support,  matchmaking fixes, user interface changes, and LAN (local area network) support. The team said their goal is to have every game running in native 4k, but due to the high-quality assets of the Halo 2 remake, that game might dip below the target resolution. A feature called "Intelligent install" will let players select which elements of The Master Chief Collection they would like on their console.  

343 Industries has worked hard to support The Master Chief Collection well past its 2014 launch date, and it shows with players slowly coming back to the game after various fixes. This next major update looks to be the big push to draw new and old players back to the collection, which had an incredibly rocky launch. Hopefully, 343 Industries continues to tweak and update the game and use it as a lesson for their upcoming titles. 

[Source: Halo Waypoint]


Our Take:
I played The Master Chief Collection at launch, and while I was in for the classic Halo campaigns, it was disappointing that not even co-op matchmaking would work. It has been great to see the updates change the game into a much more functional product, and I look forward to jumping back in when this major title update launches.