God Of War Sales Hit 3 Million Copies In 3 Days, Becoming The PlayStation 4's Fastest-Selling Exclusive

by Javy Gwaltney on May 03, 2018 at 09:56 AM

God of War has proven to be one of the most beloved titles this year as far as reviews and player response go. It looks like Kratos' latest adventure isn't hurting on the sales side, either.

Sony just revealed in a blog post that the game sold over 3.1 million copies in three days, becoming the fastest-selling PS4 exclusive:

One of PlayStation’s most iconic series is reaching new heights this week. Thanks to all of you, our fans, God of War has become the fastest-selling PS4 exclusive, with more than 3.1 million units sold globally in the first three days (April 20–22).

When we first revealed God of War less than two years ago, we knew we had something truly special. Fans reacted with tremendous excitement to this bold reimagining of the franchise, and we were thrilled to explore the unique father-son dynamic between Kratos and Atreus. Fast-forward to present day with the game’s release, and we are humbled to see such positive reviews.

For more on God Of War, which scored a 9.75 from us, you can check out our review here.


Our Take
God of War is a special adventure. I am glad to see that the game's been rewarded with financial success as well as critical praise.