A Family Reunion Steals The Show In Shadow Of War's New DLC Trailer

by Javy Gwaltney on May 03, 2018 at 10:11 AM

The Desolation of Mordor, Shadow of War's second DLC expansion, arrives this month. The Desolation of Mordor will not feature long-suffering Talion but instead will focus on Baranor, Captain of Minas Ithil, as he makes his way east to build an army of mercenaries to take down a certain fortress. But first, he's got to enlist the aid of a former acquaintance.

You can watch as goofs and a bit of emotional warmth flood the scene in this trailer. There are no orc decapitation, though. You can watch it here:

The Desolation of Mordor drops on May 8. Those who have purchased an expansion pass will get access to the DLC as soon as it goes live. You can check out our impressions of the last expansion here.