Symmetra Will Likely Change From Support To Defense Class In Forthcoming Update

by Javy Gwaltney on Apr 29, 2018 at 11:20 AM

After this month's earlier Hanzo update, it looks like Symmetra is next up for some big changes. In a forum reply, lead designer Geoff Goodman laid out some of the changes coming to the support character, most notably that she wouldn't be playing support anymore and would, instead, likely become a defense class character.

Here's what Goodman said:

We currently have moved her to Defense. We tried a healer version which had her turrets healing instead of dealing damage, but it felt super awkward, especially with how fast Overwatch moves.

That said, we are playing with a new way her turrets deploy. Instead of having to stick them directly onto a wall herself, she can now fire an un-deployed version like a projectile, which sticks to walls/ceilings/etc. Once it sticks, it will unfold like it does on the wall currently when she builds them.

This helps for a bunch of reasons but one of the big ones is that it makes it a lot easier to play her on offense or just be able to preposition her turrets much more easily/quickly.

Be sure to note the use of the word "currently" here, which carries the implication that none of this is set in stone. However, here are a scattershot for possible changes that Goodman has mentioned for you Symmetra lovers to mull over:

  • The shield generator is gone "at the moment."
  • Symmetra's Photon Barrier is now her ultimate.
  •  The teleporter is becoming the E ability. It's also changed a bit, according to Goodman: "You place the exit like you normally do, except that you can place it up to 25 meters away, instead of only right in front of you. We’re experimenting with what works and what doesn’t but currently you can teleport things such as Torbjorn turrets, D.Va’s exploding mech, Junkrat tire, etc."

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