Netflix Not On Switch Because Video Not A Priority, Says Netflix Exec

by Imran Khan on Mar 09, 2018 at 07:57 PM

In the year since the Switch launched, fans of the system have been wondering to different degrees why Netflix, an app ubiquitous on any device that has or interfaces with a screen, is not on Nintendo's latest system.

While Netflix said they were exploring options with Nintendo just a few months ago, nothing has been said since. Netflix executive Scott Mirer, who is in charge of partnering with device manufacturers for Netflix apps, answered questions about it at a Silicon Valley Q&A.

“In the case of the Switch, they [Nintendo] were very focused at launch not on video-use cases, but on gaming cases, video was not a priority for them,” Mirer said. “Whether that changes over time, we have a great relationship with them and look at the possibility of the Switch. We each have opportunity cost around that, but at some point, it might happen.” 

The reasoning is strange, as Hulu appeared on the Switch last November. Still, it seems Netflix wants to do it, Nintendo just appears to be uninterested in allowing it at the moment.

[Source: mobilesyrup]


Our Take
I don't particularly need Netflix on Switch, but I can see it being useful for a lot of people. I can't see a good reason for Nintendo not wanting it on the system.