Outlast Slithers Its Way To Switch With Surprise Release Today

by Robbie Key on Feb 27, 2018 at 12:53 PM

First-person survival horror title Outlast has suddenly appeared to download on the Nintendo Switch's eshop.

The Bundle of Terror is available for $24.99 and comes with the full game and its prequel content titled Whistleblower. There is no word yet on a physical release. The trailer says Outlast II is available to pre-order now, but it has yet to turn up on the eshop.

Outlast follows journalist Miles Upshur as he investigates and attempts to escape an asylum overrun by psychotic patients. Players can't attack enemies and must rely on stealth, as well as a camera to see in the dark.

Outlast developer and publisher Red Barrels in early December announced a third game and another project set in the Outlast universe are in development, with the latter set to release first.

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[Source: Polygon]

Our Take
Seeing more horror games coming to Switch is great news. Curling up on the couch with the Switch is a neat way to experience a terrifying title. Just make sure you're not playing this in a Starbucks so you don't freak out other patrons.