Hideo Kojima Talks Gameplay Details For Death Stranding

by Javy Gwaltney on Dec 11, 2017 at 01:51 PM

For all the fuss that the three Death Stranding trailers we've gotten over the past two years have caused, we've received essentially no details on gameplay...until today. In a recent interview Kojima himself, IGN learned some scraps of gameplay information, particularly how the game will deal with player death and failure:

From what Kojima told us, here's how it sounds -- when you’re ready to return to the world of the living, you can get back into your body. However, unlike most games which set you back to a point before you died, Death Stranding acknowledges your defeat, and seems to even embrace it. You’re transported back to the world after your death -- like in Dark Souls or roguelikes -- where your actions maintain an aura of persistence. The mechanic of “dying” is ubiquitous in video games, but it sounds as though Kojima is implementing systems inspired by purgatory and reincarnation as well.

For more gameplay details, and some of Kojima's amusing thoughts on fan theories, head over to the article here.

[Source: IGN]

Our Take
Finally! Something tangible. I do like this rogue-like idea of death being a persistent thing in universe and not a game over screen. Kojima's Sci-fi Souls? Sure. Why not? Gimme.