The Iron Banner Returns In Destiny 2

by Cody Mello-Klein on Oct 06, 2017 at 11:42 AM

Make way for the Iron Banner! In a "This Week at Bungie" blog post on its website, Bungie announced that Lord Saladin and the Iron Banner arrive in Destiny 2 on October 10 2am PT. Players will be able to compete in a special Iron Banner playlist in the Crucible where they can earn Iron Banner tokens, complete daily and weekly milestones, and acquire some cool looking Iron Banner armor. The event lasts until October 17 2am PT.

Along with the Iron Banner's return, Bungie also announced a higher difficulty Prestige Leviathan Raid and teased information about clan seasons at their upcoming TwitchCon panel on October 20. 

Check out the entire blog post, where Bungie also showcases the fan made movie of the week, here. For more on Destiny 2, learn how a raid team cheesed the boss and check out the results of the first Faction Rally.