Get A New Playable Race In Total War: Warhammer When You Pre-Order The Sequel

by Douglas DeLong on Jul 18, 2017 at 03:09 PM

Sega and Creative Assembly released a trailer today announcing a new playable race for Total War: Warhammer, the monster-hunting Norscans. 

The Norsca Race Pack will be available for free on August 10 for those who pre-order Total War: Warhammer II, and can also be picked up if you purchase the game within its first week of launch (as long as you do so through a partnered retailer). Two new factions are included in the DLC, each with their own Legendary Lords. According to a press release, "Players can embark on monster hunt quests, command ferocious units including War Mammoths and Skin Wolves, and construct towering monoliths to court favor with the dark gods." 

As we mentioned in a preview earlier this year, owners of the first game and the sequel can combine the games' campaigns. You can also bring any DLC races you own, such as the Norscans, into Total War: Warhammer II.

Total War: Warhammer II releases on PC on September 28. To learn more about the Norsca roster, you can check out the Total War Blog. You can read more about what's next for Creative Assembly here.

[Source: GameSpot]