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PlayStation 4 Pro-Enhanced Games Will Include A Handy Icon

by Suriel Vazquez on Sep 10, 2016 at 07:14 AM

With all the confusion surrounding the PlayStation 4 Pro and what technology it will and will not support, it's nice to know consumers will have at least one clear sign as to what's compatible with their new system come November.

On its official PlayStation 4 Pro page, Sony mentions games on the PlayStation Store will have an icon signifying they take advantage of the features of the Pro, while physical copies will include a logo on the box itself saying as much. All PlayStation 4 games will work on the Pro, though most going forward will take advantage of its stronger hardware to allow for higher, most consistent framerates or more detailed textures.

Because PlayStation 4 games going forward will be developed with the Pro in mind, this logo will mostly be useful for forward-compatible games (i.e., games already released which will be patch in Pro compatibility). You can read more details about the PlayStation 4 Pro here.



Our Take
Though this will probably clutter up the box art of your favorite games (unless they decided to put the icon on the blue bar up top), this should at least assuage doubts with casual consumers about whether they have to buy a different version of the game to go with their Pro.