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reader discussion

Reader Discussion: Are You Planning To Buy A PlayStation 4 Pro?

by Ben Reeves on Sep 08, 2016 at 02:40 PM

Yesterday, Sony unveiled an update to its existing console, the PlayStation 4 Pro? Are you excited to buy one or are you planning to hold off?

Yesterday, we covered Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro reveal, but not everyone on staff is sold on the system yet. Personally, I want to see the console in action before making my choice, but I'm not looking forward to spending a few hundred dollars to upgrade my system – especially since I don't have a 4K TV just yet.

But what about you? Are you buying a PlayStation 4 Pro? If so, what has you excited about it? If not, why are you holding back. Are you content with the consoles or PCs you have? Or are you just waiting to check out the system in action? What would it take for Sony to sell you on the Pro? Leave your answers in the comments below.