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User Accounts Associated With Disney's Playdom Forums At Risk After Breach

by Elise Favis on Jul 30, 2016 at 09:20 AM

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Disney Interactive released a notice yesterday, warning users that a security breach has affected the official Playdom Forums ( website. While no credit cards or other sensitive information were obtained by the unauthorized party, several account usernames, passwords, and emails have been compromised.

Playdom Forums is a community website specifically for mid-core mobile games such as Star Wars Commander. As of July 12, Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media detected the breach and immediately launched an investigation, reporting the incident to law enforcement. Approximately 391,000 accounts were affected, and if you are a user of the site, it is strongly recommended that you change your password and email associated with your account. Outside of account information, IP addresses that were used during account registration were also collected by the hacker. No other affiliated Disney sites have been affected by the breach. You can still access the Marvel Avengers Alliance and and Star Wars Commander forums safely.

You can contact Disney Interactive for support at Read Disney's notice about the incident here.

Disney bought Playdom back in 2010. For more on hacks and attacks in games, check out editor Andrew Reiner's piece. Sony only just recently sent out compensation codes this year to affected users of the 2011 PSN hack.


Our Take
Breaches like these are always unfortunate to hear about. If you're a member of Playdom's forums, I'd suggest changing your account information immediately. If you use that same password elsewhere, it's probably best to change it there as well.