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e3 2016

Batman: Arkham VR Is A DC Comics Visual Novel

by Mike Futter on Jun 13, 2016 at 08:13 PM

Sony surprised us numerous times during its press conference. One of those was a PlayStation VR exclusive Batman experience developed by Rocksteady that we had a chance to try for ourselves.

The Batman: Arkham VR demo featured two parts. One lets players suit up as Batman, putting on the suit, equipping the grapnel gun, and throwing batarangs. The other is the meat of the experience.

You won't be fistfighting thugs and supervillains. Instead, it seems that the entire game is a series of story-driven investigations. 

In the chapter on display, Nightwing is dead, his body brutalized. Batman must use his ally's suit recorder to reconstruct the scene and figure out what happened.

This plays out similarly to the investigations in the other Arkham games. You can rewind and fast forward the action, scan for key moments, and warp to specific points around the scene (similar to how many Vive games handle locomotion).

Batman VR will be out in October, though perhaps not day-and-date with the October 13 PSVR launch.