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Firaxis Partners With Long War Studios For New XCOM 2 Mods

by Ben Reeves on Apr 29, 2016 at 07:00 AM

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The first of five new XCOM 2 mods from the developers of the Long War is available today, and it opens up a lot of new game options...literally.

The creators of the Long War are working on some mods to Firaxis’ excellent strategy alien hunt. You might already be familiar with the the SMG, Muton Centurion, and Leader soldier class mods that Long War Studios put out when XCOM 2 first launch, but now the studio is planning at least five more mods for the game.

The first new mod is called Toolbox, and it opens up a slew of new options in the game menu. For example, players will be able to edit camera rotation in tactical missions, create random stats for new soldiers, edit damage values, and tweak the game UI. Toolbox is available on Steam Workshop starting today for free.

In the coming months Long War Studios will release additional mods, such as a Perk Pack that is a kind of solder class construction kit, a Laser Pack that adds a new weapon tier, and an Alien Pack that will add 10 new alien enemies.

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Our Take
This sounds pretty good. I never got around to playing Long War Studios' XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM: Enemy Within mods, but I heard they were pretty good, so we should be able to expect some great things from this partnership. This might be a good time to jump back into the fight against Advent.