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Konami Fultons Last Bit Of Dignity From Metal Gear In Ford Car Ads

by Mike Futter on Apr 08, 2016 at 09:54 AM

Konami promised more Metal Gear is coming. But we suspect no one, especially the series’ most ardent fans, wanted this.

The publisher has teamed with Ford for ads using Metal Gear Solid scenes. There’s one featuring a Codec call with Colonel Campbell. Another features the fantastic, mind-bending Psycho Mantis scene. 

I guess Hideo Kojima can feel relieved that Konami removed his name from these, too. Yikes.

With all the heat Konami has taken from Metal Gear fans over the messy divorce from Hideo Kojima, the decision to allow the series to promote a car company seems questionable. Then again, maybe denigrating the series is the intended effect, following Kojima's messy exit. We'll have to see if this endears fans to Ford or drives another wedge between Metal Gear faithful and Konami.\

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