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343 Previews Next Update For Halo 5, Halo-Themed Car For Rocket League

by Javy Gwaltney on Feb 13, 2016 at 05:25 AM

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343 Industries has updated its Halo 5 blog with details for both a new Valentine's Day playlist and the larger multiplayer update for the game that's coming later called Hammer Storm. Hammer Storm will include "new weapons, new game modes, a brand new map, tons of new REQs, game updates,and other goodness."

The Valentine's playlist hits this weekend and has an amusing description: "Steak is for dinner. Losing team picks up the check." The game type for the playlist is 2v2 Social Slayer with the score to win being 30 kills.

The two new modes hitting the game with the Hammer Storm update are Assault and Grifball. 343 says that Assault is an updated version of "classic Neutral Bomb Assault mode," requiring players to deliver a ball that spawns in the middle of the map to an enemy's goal while Grifball is a rugby-like game that started as a joke in the the Red Vs Blue series and eventually became a staple mode in the later Halo entries. The update also includes the Gravity Hammer, a devastating melee weapon, but no other weapons have been revealed.

The new map is called Torque. The post states that 343 will be showing it off in livestreams later on in the month and for now only offered up a slice of concept art, an image of a grey space station.

The blog post also showcased the Halo-themed vehicle that players will be able to access in the Xbox One version of Rocket League, which launches on February 17. Fittingly, it's a Warthog. Here it is in red:

343 has yet to list a date for when the update goes live but says players will be able to see update in action in 343's livestream on 2/26. You can check out the blog post for the full rundown of changes, big and small, that the update will bring here.

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