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Reader Discussion: Do Multiple Delays On A Game Discourage You?

by Brian Shea on Jan 25, 2016 at 01:30 PM

When a game is delayed, it's typically a good thing in the end. It usually means that the team isn't happy with releasing a mediocre product and would rather extend the development cycle by a certain amount of time in order to get it right. When a game sees too many delays, however, it can point toward turbulence.

Today saw two last-minute delays for anticipated games. Mighty No. 9, the Keiji Inafune action title, and Civilization Revolution 2 Plus, the Vita port of the mobile strategy title, were both delayed today. Mighty No. 9 was set to come out in two weeks, but Civilization Revolution 2 Plus was scheduled to hit the Vita tomorrow, cutting it extremely close. No release date has been given for either title, but these titles have both been the victim of multiple delays. 

What does it say to you when a game is delayed more than just a couple of times? Have you ever given up on a game or been discouraged because it was delayed too many times? At what point do you really start feeling down on the game's prospects? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!