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New Bloodborne Update Eases Weapon Upgrading

by Jeff Marchiafava on Dec 21, 2015 at 02:08 PM

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From Software continues its streak of post-launch improvements to Bloodborne, this time removing the one-per-playthrough limit on Blood Rocks.

Update 1.09 offers players a couple of tweaks to get excited about, but the biggest change should appeal to hardcore fans: Blood Rocks can now be purchased from the Insight shop. A Blood Rock is required to upgrade a weapon to its max level, +10 strength, and prior to the patch, only one Blood Rock was available per playthrough, with The Old Hunters offering up a second Blood Rock to those who purchase the DLC. Players can now nab additional rocks for 60 Insight each (the patch notes indicate that "a certain portion" of the game must be completed before the item is available, but does not state what the requirement is). Additionally, the price for Blood Stone Chunks, which are used for upgrading a weapon to +7 strength through +9 strength, has been dropped from 30 Insight to 20 Insight. The update notes also state that the strength and stamina values for several weapons have changed, but don't specify which weapons.

From Software has used patches to make a number of quality-of-life improvements to Bloodborne, including shorter loading times, increased storage capacity, scaling multiplayer, and a new faction of hunters. The game's first expansion, The Old Hunters, turned out pretty darn good too.

[Source: PlayStation Japan, via Polygon]


Our Take:
Bloodborne was already one of the best games of the year back when it launched, but that hasn't stopped From Software from responding to player feedback with a number of meaningful tweaks and improvements. Kudos to the developer for going the extra mile and making an already awesome game even better.