Can’t Get Enough Of Volume? Check Out The 20 Top User Created Levels

by Alissa McAloon on Aug 21, 2015 at 08:01 AM

Volume has only been out for a few days but fans are already hard at work creating some really cool content for the game. The very best of the week one user created levels have been selected and can be seen in the gallery below.

The levels come from a handful of Volume fans, with some even creating multiple custom courses, and were all made with the in-game level creator. New content will show up in the Staff Picks section every Friday, and here is this week's set:

  • A Night In The Glow In The Dark Museum – Pixel Logic
  • Hospital – Pig
  • Hold Down – Pig 
  • The Hallway – Pig 
  • Last Day Pains – Rifoss
  • Night At The Office 1 – Mikel S
  • Night At The Office 2 – Mikel S
  • Night At The Office 3 – Mikel S
  • Docking In The Shadow Of Moses – GamesPlusJames
  • Blindspot – Wracketeer
  • Caramel – Ayceewood
  • Private Collection – Wracketeer
  • It’s All Gone Wrong… –  Finnjc 
  • Lab – Pig 
  • Gallery Mini – Pig
  • The Evolution – Zouloubleu
  • Breakout – Egroeg
  • Scarlett Fortress – Gazam18
  • VC: Home D – Luke_C_93
  • Office Night – Toufutasties

If you were one of the early players of Volume, you’ll be happy to know Mike Bithell and his team are hard at work to make sure fans remain happy with the game. According to a recent blog post, the team is working on addressing criticisms about the game’s difficulty. Bithell has announced plans to introduce a more difficult mode staring a different protagonist. This harder mode will feature no plot or narrative distractions, checkpoints available only when unseen, and a leaderboard that rewards stealthier players for their efforts. Various bug fixes are also in the works for both PC and PS4. 

Volume is out now for PS4 and PC, with a Vita version coming in the future. For more on Volume, be sure to check out our review here