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Weekend Warrior 8/14/2015

by Christian Belland on Aug 14, 2015 at 02:00 PM

Our editors question the universe itself as their journeys in Velen and Gotham City threaten to continue forever. Street Fighter IV makes a surprise comeback, and Destiny remains a strong, steady contender for our weekend time. On a sadder note, intern Hershall Cook participates in his last Weekend Warrior. Read on for the thrilling conclusion to his Rocket League narrative.

What are you playing this weekend? Let us know in the comments.

Jeff Cork (@GIJeff) – Oh god, more The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is this game ever going to end?!

Tim Turi (@timturi– Oh no! A whopping three huge open-world games are on the horizon. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Mad Max, and Fallout 4 feel like they are looming around the corner, ready to break my free time over their collective knee. That’s why I must make amazing progress on The Witcher 3 this weekend! I’m also getting friends together to play some Street Fighter IV at a cabinet we have running at GI!

Mike Futter (@Futterish) – I’ll be spending the weekend finishing up Hitman: Blood Money and starting on Absolution. After seeing Hitman at Gamescom last week, I want to make sure I’m caught up before December. I also plan to continue working through some of my backlogged Warhammer 40K games. I’ve been reading a lot of the lore, and it’s a fascinating universe.

Ben Hanson (@yozetty) – This weekend I'm going to be spending some time in the sun by a lake re-reading Jurassic Park. Other than that, I'll probably play some N64 or arcade games and hope to finally finish Arkham Knight when I get home. Have a good weekend!

Alissa McAloon (@Gliitchy) – I get some flak for putting down Destiny on every single Weekend Warrior, but Xur is selling Gjallarhorn this weekend and I can’t pass that up. I still need to complete Prison of Elders on level 35 before The Taken King releases, so I’ll be spending a bit of time in Destiny this weekend. I hope I’ll be able to play some Witcher 3 or Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II at some point this weekend as well.

Brian Shea (@BrianPShea– Over the next two days, I’ll be playing some Borderlands 2 as part of The Handsome Collection package I recently purchased. I’ll also pour some time into MLB 15: The Show, as well as The Witcher 3. My girlfriend and I also started up a new file on Super Mario 3D World, so there’s a chance for that to appear this weekend as well.

Kyle Hilliard (@KyleMHilliard) – I missed Mad Max in theaters, but I believe it's available to stream now, so I plan on finally watching that. I also need to catch up on Hannibal Buress' new show, Why? Regarding video games, I'm still playing The Witcher 3 and jumping around Rare Replay.

Hershall Cook (@HershallCook) – For my last weekend as a Game Informer intern, I’ll be playing Rocket League and working on a small flash game I started a month and a half ago. Thanks so much to the editors, my fellow interns, and anyone who left positive comments on my articles.