Valve Demonstrates The Steam Controller's Unique Versatility

by Tim Turi on Jun 04, 2015 at 12:20 PM

Steam Machines are on their way, thanks to PC manufacturers like Alienware and CyberPower (In fact, you can even pre-order them now and have them by October 16). What would a new Steam Machine be without a Steam Controller? This new video from Valve shows off the device's mouse-like accuracy and customizability.

The video below shows how the haptic-enabled control pads can be modified and allow players to glide their thumbs around them like a trackpad. Valve keeps it current in this informational preview as well, with a glimpse at someone appearing to play The Witcher 3 with the Steam Controller.

The Steam Controller is available for pre-order for $49.99, with those orders arriving October 16 along with Steam Machines. The controllers will be available more widely November 10. For more on the Steam Controller, check out our impressions from a hands-on session.

Our Take
Like any radical piece of hardware, like augmented-reality kits or virtual reality, Valve's innovative controller is a tough one to gauge without getting your hands on it. I've grown so accustomed to the dual-analog stick setup over the years that I doubt I'd use the device to play action games or shooters. However, it seems like a way better option for point-and-click heavy games, like strategy and adventure games. I'm definitely excited to try it for myself.