Another Ubisoft Studio Joins Development Of The Division

by Mike Futter on May 08, 2015 at 08:36 AM

Ubisoft’s anticipated post-viral MMO, The Division, just got a new partner. The project, headed up by Ubisoft Massive, already includes Red Storm (Ghost Recon) and Reflections (Driver). Now, Ubisoft Annecy has been added to the project.

Annecy was behind the much-loved multiplayer of Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow on the original Xbox. It also worked on the same segment of Chaos Theory, Double Agent, and Assassin’s Creed’s cat-and-mouse multiplayer featured in Brotherhood and beyond.

This studio also handled two well-known hubs in Assassin’s Creed titles. If you upgraded Assassin’s Creed II’s Villa or spent time in Unity’s Café Théâtre, you’ve experienced Ubisoft Annecy’s work.

Unfortunately, Ubisoft isn’t even hinting at what Annecy is working on for The Division. The company is scheduled to discuss its full-year earnings on Tuesday, May 12. At that time, more details may emerge (including whether we’ll be bringing The Division home this year).

[Source: Ubisoft]


Our Take
Ubisoft is no stranger to multi-studio projects, with the entire Assassin’s Creed franchise serving as testament. However, it’s surprising to hear that yet another team is being added to a game that is supposed to launch in the next 7 months. I know there’s a lot of anticipation for The Division, and I’m hoping Ubisoft is getting ready to put some shape around the release window.