Codemasters Teasing Return Of Overlord

by Kyle Hilliard on Mar 21, 2015 at 08:26 AM

Codemasters has been tweeting about Overlord, the Pikmin-esque RPG series that we haven't heard from since 2009.

It started with some tweets from the official Codemasters twitter account leisurely tracking the progress of the solar eclipse, but then things got weird. The account claimed the ground was shaking and the sky turned red, and that something fell from the sky, culminating in the tweet you see below.

After that, the official Overlord twitter account started sharing a bizarre string of tweets as spoken from Gnarl, an adviser character who appears in the Overlord games.

The developer on the first two games, Triumph Studios, is still active. Its last release was Age of Wonders III, which released around this time last year. We've reached out to the studio for more details, but pending response, it did offer the below two tweets in regard to the Overlord teasing from Codemasters.

For our review of Overlord II, head here.

[Source: @Codemasters, @Overlordgame, via GamesRadar]


Our Take
I enjoyed the Overlord games. They had their shortcomings, but they had the gameplay of Pikmin with the humor, art direction, and moral decision making of Fable. I am totally on board with seeing the series make a return. I know we've all been getting a little overwhelmed by remasters lately, but I wouldn't mind a package with the first two Overlords games and the Wii game (which released around the same time as Overlord II, but was a completely different game) looking sharp for new-gen consoles. A full-on sequel, however, would probably be the direction worth getting the most excited about.