Battlefield Hardline Premium Membership Introduces Prestige-Like System And Gameplay Advantages

by Matthew Kato on Mar 02, 2015 at 03:56 AM

Electronic Arts and Battlefield Hardline developer Visceral Games have announced a Premium program for the game that nets you four new "super features," as well as early access to the game's story-based DLC.

The program costs $50, and the four "super features" are:

  • Masks that confer "unique gameplay benefits" (currently unspecified)
  • A gun bench that tracks weapons' kills and offers visual customization
  • Premium-only tournaments and ladders
  • Legendary status for replayability (similar to Call of Duty's Prestige system)

Premium members will also be afforded two weeks early access to the games's expansion packs. Four story-based DLC have been announced (which are included in the membership), each with new modes, vehicles, and maps.

  • Criminal Activity (summer)
  • Robbery (summer)
  • Getaway (fall)
  • Betrayal (early 2016)

Finally, members will receive:

  • 12 gold battlepacks
  • Premium-exclusive in-game items, and personalization options such as gun camos and ammo skins
  • Exclusive events such as double-XP and missions
  • Priority position in server queues

In terms of extras, EA is also offering a reward to returning fans of the Battlefield franchise.

Battlefield Hardline comes out for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on March 17.

[Source: Electronic Arts]


Our Take
This premium membership is similar in some ways to the one for Battlefield 4, except not only does it contain one fewer DLC pack (at least that's announced so far), but as currently defined, the new mask super feature seems like it offers a gameplay advantage. Furthermore, in terms of competing games like Call of Duty, Hardline's Legendary status is pay-gated unlike COD's prestige. Not cool.