Former Rare Developers' Playtonic Games To Unveil Project Ukelele Next Month

by Kyle Hilliard on Feb 28, 2015 at 09:06 AM

Playtonic Games, which is comprised of former Rare developers, will reveal its project next month at the EGX Rezzed event.

Playtonic Games revealed itself as a studio earlier this month, but didn't detail much about the project it is working on other than its code name, Project Ukelele. Next month, at a panel at EGX Rezzed, Gavin Price and Chris Sutherland as well as other Playtonic members will hold a 30 minutes developer session titled, A Rare Reunion: Rebirth of the 3D Platformer. During the session Playtonic promises to, "discuss the creation of the studio and even drop a few cheeky details on our first game!"

The panel will be streamed online on the EGX twitch channel and begins at 10 AM CT on March 14. For more on Playtonic Games, head here.

[Source: Playtonic Games, EGX Rezzed]


Our Take
I'm curious to see what Playtonic Games has up its sleeve. The teaser image for its game, seen above, recalls Banjo-Kazooie with the two sets of eyes, but the jungle leaves are reminiscent of Donkey Kong Country's jungles. I just hope it's not a free-to-play mobile game.