Runescape Collectible Card Game Coming In 2015

by Mike Futter on Oct 13, 2014 at 04:59 AM

With Hearthstone hitting the scene in such a big way, the new wave of digital collectible games is here to stay. The latest company to announce its intention to enter the market is Jagex, with a title based on its long-running Runescape MMO.

Chronicle: Runescape Legends isn’t just a PvP experience like Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon TCG, or Hearthstone. Players will build miniature RPGs within the world and then use them as a facet of the competitive play. 

While details are scarce right now, we do know the title is coming in 2015. It will be available for PC, Mac, and mobile platforms. You can see the first image of Chronicle: Runescape Legends’ living book battlefield above.


Our Take
I love the idea of deeper narrative crafting in collectible games, and I’m the kind of person that reads and absorbs the flavor text on Magic: The Gathering cards. Tabletop games like the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game that are built around stories and even Thunderstone, which involves dungeon delving in a competitive environment, are where I enjoy spending my time. I’m looking forward to seeing how Chronicle develops, even though I have no connection to Runescape.