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November Cover Revealed – Resident Evil Revelations 2

by Tim Turi on Oct 07, 2014 at 06:00 AM

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The Resident Evil series hasn't blown fans away with recent releases, but one spin-off starring Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield surprised and delighted many. Resident Evil Revelations, which hit 3DS and last-gen consoles in 2012, received far more acclaim than even Capcom's big-budget Resident Evil 6. The publisher is capitalizing on the excitement with a sequel for last- and current-gen consoles. For our November issue cover story we met up with Capcom in Tokyo, Japan to get our hands on an exclusive section of the game and time to chat with the developers about the game and what to expect from the proper sequel to RE 6.

Our cover story takes a deep dive into Claire Redfield and Moira Burton's harrowing escape from a blood-crusted prison facility. We got special access to a section of the game where the leading ladies fight their way through a cell block and face off with the biggest enemy seen in the game so far. We also got our hands dirty getting used to the subtle, welcome changes to tried-and-true RE 4-style combat, like a new dodge mechanic and the ability to swap between characters. Capcom also opened up to us during extensive interviews about the game's downloadable episodic format, story details, and whether the next main, numbered sequel will focus on true survival horror or something else. The remake of the 2002 GameCube Resident Evil is also looking great, which we saw in action and cover in this expansive RE story as well.

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Get a taste of the exclusive Resident Evil coverage we're putting online this month, including some tasty gameplay captured during our playthrough, by watching the coverage trailer below, or watch it on YouTube.

This issue is dripping with Resident Evil, but there's a lot of other great stuff waiting for you. Joe Juba presents an insightful and useful guide for how to build your own gaming PC. Twitch's most popular streamer, Syndicate, shares his personal story of success. The holiday rush of games is also upon us, so check out our reviews of Alien: Isolation, Bayonetta 2, and more. We also have an extended interview with Feminist Frequency's Anita Sarkeesian, who chatted with us about her views on the portrayal of women in video games and the controversy that has followed her opinions.

Also exclusive to Game Informer is the tale of the former Irrational Games and Harmonix developers who have formed the Molasses Flood. These game makers have gone from triple-A development to starting their own studio, and they're coming out with a Kickstarter game called The Flame in the Flood. Even better, the Molasses Floods' Kickstarter is already live, the same time as the digital issue of the magazine. You can also read all about the story of the Molasses Flood in the issue or on right here.

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Resident Evil Revelations 2 is an exciting game, and there's more to say and explore than can fit in a single 12-page cover story. We have a full month of Revelations 2 coverage coming down the pipe. Look forward to video interviews with the Resident Evil developers, extended gameplay video, original features, and much more. Access the hub by clicking the banner below.