Hearthstone Deals Out Cards To 20 Million Players

by Mike Futter on Sep 15, 2014 at 08:26 AM

Blizzard has struck gold with its free-to-play collectible card game, announcing today that Hearthstone now has over 20 million players. The title originally launched on PC and Mac in March, with the iPad version arriving shortly after in April.

Since the game came out of beta, the first single-player adventure module, Curse of Naxxramas was released. The best players in the world are headed for a championship bout at Blizzcon this November, with $250,000 on the line.

Those hoping to play on iPhones and Android devices won’t have to wait too much longer. Blizzard says those versions will be coming “in the not so distant future.” 

For more on Hearthstone, check out our review and some tips on deck building. You can download Hearthstone for free on PC from Blizzard and on iPad on the App Store.


Our Take
Even though Activision didn’t break out its Hearthstone success on the last earnings call, the numbers for that category were extremely impressive. I have no doubt that this small team effort is going to yield huge long term rewards. Expect Hearthstone to be around for quite a while with expansions and single-player content that will coax open your wallet.