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Earn Resident Evil HD REmake Content By Infecting Raccoon City

by Mike Futter on Sep 05, 2014 at 04:35 AM

Capcom is challenging fans to become the undead in order to unlock additional Resident Evil REmake content. All you need to do is sign up on the website to add your decaying corpse to the pile.

Unfortunately, Capcom hasn’t said just what they’ll be adding to the game if enough people voice their interest (and hunger for flesh). Only those that do register will get the bonus, though.

You can head over to the Resident Evil Contagion website to participate and monitor the outbreak. The Resident Evil REmake remaster will be out in 2015 on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC.

[Source: Resident Evil Contagion]


Our Take
I love the idea of free additional content for a game, but I wish there were something a bit more active here. I was hoping there would be a bit of a game here to push the infection rate up, but it’s just a tally sheet of email addresses.