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New Comparison Screens Show Improved Graphics In Resident Evil Remake

Capcom is working on a remastered version of Resident Evil Remake, a new version of the classic survival horror game that released on GameCube in 2002.

That GameCube title was eventually ported to Wii, but since the system couldn't output true HD, it wasn't markedly better looking. Now, a fully HD remaster of Resident Evil is coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Today, Capcom released some new images of the game, including three new shots that had been released in Japan. If you go to Capcom Unity, there are some great interactive screenshots that allow you to compare the Wii version with the 360/PS3 version by moving a slider across the screen to transition between the two. It's pretty impressive. These are shots of the Xbox 360/PS3 version, so it's conceivable that the Xbox One/PS4 version could look better still. Check out some comparison shots below, and look for the three new screens in the image gallery.

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  • omg i was just wishing for this the other day how awesome :) seriously though they need to do this with twin snakes and remake 2 that would be so cool and as much as I hate rehashing the same games over and over I would buy them again lol
  • One of the few games I will support a remake for along with RE 2 and 3. And of course Final Fantasy 6-7.

  • Seems good :)