The Walking Dead Pinball Gets Release Date

by Matthew Kato on Aug 13, 2014 at 05:26 AM

Zen Studios – the team behind the Zen Pinball series – is adapting Telltale's The Walking Dead to pinball, and you can get your hands on it very soon.

The Walking Dead Pinball comes out for PlayStation 4/PlayStation 3/Vita on August 26, Mac/Steam/Xbox 360 on August 27, and Wii U/Android/iOS/Amazon on August 28. Currently there is no Xbox One version.

The table encompasses a range of events from the first season of Telltale's title, from the pharmacy and streets of Savannah, to the motel. Expect all the gut-wrenching choices and drama of Telltale's adventure title merged seamlessly with Zen's mastery of pinball.

For more on the game, head over to this previous story for the game's initial trailer.