EA’s Maxis Appears To Be Developing A New Sandbox Crafting Game

by Mike Futter on Jul 21, 2014 at 05:01 AM

SimCity and The Sims studio Maxis appears to be branching into new territory if a job listing is any indication. The studio seeks someone with Minecraft, Little Big Planet, and Project Spark familiarity.

The search for a senior designer for a “new, unannounced Maxis product being created at EA’s Redwood Shores, California Studio” suggests that EA is looking to capitalize on the success of crafting tiles like Minecraft. Based on the listing, we can also discern that the title will have RPG-like elements, loot, and technology and crafting trees.

The game will likely be free-to-play, as the business model and in-game monetization are both mentioned. Maxis’ job posting also indicates that the ideal candidate will have experience with social systems and MMOs.

[Source: EA via Joystiq]


Our Take
It would be perfectly in line with EA’s business operations to step into genres proven successful by others. In this case, I don’t expect a Minecraft clone. Instead, the blend of elements mentioned makes me think of Sony Online Entertainment’s Everquest Next and Everquest Landmark.