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EverQuest Next

Two New, Interconnected Titles Announced

Sony has announced new details on two EverQuest titles from its SOE Live event in Las Vegas. We've known for quite a while that EverQuest Next is in development, but its companion, EverQuest Next Landmark, is a nice surprise that puts power in the hands of players.

EverQuest Next will take the series to new places, re-imagining the series and its characters. In a departure from standard MMO play, there will be no levels, but the 40 or so different classes will allow players flexibility to adapt their avatars to a variety of play styles. Through multi-classing, players can mix and match skills to enhance customization.

Sony is also boasting destructible environments that can be permanently affected by players. The AI will be more in-depth, with motivations rather than scripted actions, and players themselves will be held accountable for every choice and action.

EverQuest Next Landmark combines the building aspects of titles like Minecraft with the MMO of the core game. Sony will be monitoring creations for possible inclusion in Everquest Next. 

The tools on hand are similar to those used by Sony Online in creating the world of EverQuest Next. There are MMO elements within Landmark, such that players can band together to create settlements and set out to gather materials for more crafting.

EverQuest Next Landmark will be free-to-play and out this winter. There is no release date for EverQuest Next, nor is a monetization structure mentioned in the material we've received. Every other Sony Online Entertainment MMO is free-to-play, though.


Our Take
There are a lot of very big claims in the early material we just received about EverQuest Next and Landmark. Many titles (offline and online) have claimed that "every decision matters" and that the AI is somehow more lifelike. For Sony Online's sake, I hope these bold assertions come true.

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  • This has my attention.

  • This looks fantastic. I really hope they bring it to PS4.
  • I see so much potential with this the ideas are ambitious and may lead to be exactly what I want if they pull it together right, safe to say I will be watching.

  • I hope necromancer is one of those 40 classes. I'll try any game that allows you to be a necromancer.
  • Sad to see EQOA gone, but this has given me hope! Super excited to see where SOE takes this game. The 4 "holy grails" look very exciting!!!

  • I don't understand... these games are a follow-up to Everquest? They're both MMOs and Landmark has destructible environments? Is that what this means?
  • Interesting. So.. players and/or mobs can destroy environments in the game, while other players, using a toolset in a separate instance of the game, can create new environments which Sony may or may not choose to port over into the main game? Do I have that right? Sorry if I misunderstood.

    Also, with no levels, but 40 classes, does that mean this game is using something like Final Fantasy tactics job system? A little clarification would be great. Thanks.

  • Meh Ill still with Guild Wars 2.

  • If this game lives up to everything it's claimed then this is a definite buy and will make me choose the PS4.
  • This game looks amazing...

  • Nice, I love things like multi-classing.

  • Could be interesting. This is something I would have to wait for a review for, though.

  • Landmark isn't what I'd consider a title. It's an editing tool, not a game. You just build and sell stuff. There is no character to play, it's just like Spore's editor.

  • This certainly has me intrigued, I already signed up for the BETA

  • EverQuest Next is free to play as well, it says so in the FAQ on the main website.

  • If Sony statements hold true, this game could be amazing. They do have my attention right now.

  • Everquest's expansions and EQ2 disappointed me...yet I will still try anything called Everquest. I think it's a learned behavior after so many years.