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e3 2014

Dead Island 2 Debuts In Silly, Gory Trailer [Trailer Added]

by Jeff Cork on Jun 09, 2014 at 04:02 PM

Dead Island made an impression with a powerful CG trailer, showing the heartbreaking effects of a zombie outbreak. For the sequel (developed by Yager), publisher Deep Silver is taking a more lighthearted approach.

It begins with a California jogger cuing up a tune and then going for a spring on the seaside. As he runs, he's completely oblivious to the chaos that's breaking out behind him. A woman on roller skates is mobbed by zombies. A man emerges from a shop, trying in vain to stave off an attack. The destruction increases, culminating with a helicopter crash and the jogger's realization that he's transforming, too. He doesn't completely break stride, and thanks to the magic of fast zombies, he soon becomes another member of the herd.

Alas, his run is cut short by an armored vehicle that crashes into him, clipping the runner off at the ankles. A passenger jumps out, and takes his shoes, and they're off to slay more zombies. As they leave, a billboard comes into view. It reads, "Get the body you deserve."

Sony says the game will be home to a 30-day exclusive beta on PS4, and that PlayStation players will also get access to an exclusive character.

We'll have more on Dead Island 2 this week.