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Titanfall Update Jacks PC Frame Rate Up To ‘Extreme’ Levels

by Mike Futter on May 13, 2014 at 03:32 AM

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A new Titanfall update (game update three) has implemented a number of changes to Xbox One and PC versions of the game. Among the tweaks is a new “extreme” frame rate for PC players that have the hardware to support it. If so, you can dial things up to 144 frames per second.

The patch includes a number of usability changes for all modes and some improvements for private matches. You can now customize loadout names for both pilots and titans. 

You’ll also earn dedicated, mode-specific loadout slots for each game type. Loadout slots unlock after the fifth and tenth match of a given mode.

You’ll also be able to better filter challenges for tracking purposes. You can switch among the default “most progress made,” “completed,” and “almost complete.”

The new update introduces some gameplay tweaks, too. Damage and area of effect on normal eject is decreased. Nuclear Eject is buffed, though. Because of the “long tell,” even a full-health Titan will be destroyed if caught in the blast radius.

Build time bonuses are now conferred for shooting enemy mega turrets or evacuation drop ships. No bonuses have been added for mid-match dropship hits, as they don’t stick around for very long.

A major update to the dome shield now protects against splash damage from other titans falling. It’s now also impossible to punch a Titan out of its dome shield. 

Finally, a myth that we covered that once was confirmed is now busted. You can no longer call in a titan when you’re too close to the evacuation drop ship. Titanfalls also no longer do damage to the drop ship. You’re going to take them out the old fashioned way (with giant weaponry fired from your walking death tank).

For more on Titanfall, including the upcoming Expedition DLC, Check out our previous coverage. For a complete list of bugs fixed and tweaks implemented, head over to the official Titanfall website.

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Our Take
This is a meaty patch, and it’s great to see more polish being added to Titanfall. Since Respawn has a stable product, it can focus on improving the experience. This is the way it should be.