Earlier this week, we shared some images of one of the first Titanfall DLC levels. Swamplands takes players out of the city and into a murky wetland filled with overbearing trees above and mud underfoot.

Level designer Chris “Soupy” Dionne says that Swamplands went through an extensive design process of “experimentation and iteration.” One of the failed designs included too many structures, and the map lost its uniqueness.

By putting nature in focus, Respawn says it’s created something different. Players will take cover behind huge tree trunks and bounce from tree to tree. You can see that design process evolve in the video above. 

The Expedition DLC pack of three maps (War Games, Swamplands, and Runoff) will be coming this month. For more on Titanfall, check out our review of the Xbox One and PC versions and our take on the Xbox 360 edition.

[Source: Titanfall]