This Week In Mobile – Stunt Bikes, Catbugs, and Baseball

by Cameron Koch on Apr 11, 2014 at 09:50 AM

It’s not every week a more than 15-year -old franchise makes a comeback, but that is what happened this week with the release of R.B.I. Baseball ’14. We also have the third episode in Telltales’ engrossing The Wolf Among Us and a free-to-play Trials.

Fly Catbug Fly
Developer: Frederator, Cartoon Hangover
Platform: Android, iOS
Price: $0.99

Bravest Warriors is a great show. Coming from the mind of Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward, this kooky, bite-sized space adventure cartoon features plenty of video game references. Now it has a mobile game starring the show’s most adorable character – Catbug. Fly Catbug Fly is an endless runner like so many others, where collecting coins allows you to purchase upgrades to progress further – not necessarily a bad thing if done well. The game captures the art style of the show nicely in 2D sprite form and is probably worth downloading just to hear Catbug’s adorable voice over and over again.

R.B.I. Baseball ‘14
Developer: MLB.com
Platform: iOS
Price: $4.99

The classic sports franchise R.B.I. Baseball makes a return this week. Last seen in 1995, this new entry in the arcade baseball series is coming from Major League Baseball Advanced Media, a partnership of Major League Baseball’s club owners that handle the digital side of MLB, including MLB.com.  This is the group’s first video game. You can check out more about the game here.

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 – A Crooked Mile
Developer: Telltale
Platform: iOS
Price: $4.99

Sheriff “Big Bad Wolf” Bigby’s tale of murder and corruption continues this week on iOS with the third episode in Telltale’s ongoing adventure game saga. Without diving into spoiler territory, in this episode Bigby picks up on some interesting new leads in his ongoing murder investigation. Be sure to read our review of the episode here.

Trials Frontier
Developer: RedLynx
Platform: iOS
Price: Free

Announced at E3 last year, the popular stunt bike series Trials finally makes its way to mobile devices with the iOS exclusive Frontier. The gameplay is the same tried and true physics based driving formula of previous entries, with players controlling their bike over ramps and hills in an attempt to make it to the end of a stage designed to challenge you. There is a catch, however. Due to it’s free-to-play nature, the game features numerous in-app purchases, as well as fuel timers that require you to either wait for long periods of time before playing or shelling out real cash to continue immediately. Still, Trials Frontier is worth checking out.

Wind Up Knight 2
Developer: Robot Invader
Platform: Android, iOS
Price: Free (Kind of)

A difficult 2D platformer, Wind Up Knight 2 looks to build upon the success and gameplay of its predecessor. You can download and play the first eight levels of the games main quest for free before running into a paywall. It you choose to purchase the rest of the main quest content in your first 30 minutes of play time, you get a 50 percent discount of $3.99. However, there is a tournament mode that uses levels from behind the game’s paywall that can be played for free using tickets that are given out each day. If you are looking for a challenge, Wind Up Knight 2 might be up your alley.