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R.B.I. Baseball '14

See R.B.I. Baseball '14 In Action In First Gameplay Trailer

Despite a Wednesday release date, we haven't seen much from the returning video game baseball franchise R.B.I., until today. MLB has published a gameplay trailer ahead of its April 9 release date on Xbox 360.

It's a short trailer lasting only about 45 seconds, but it gives a good sense of how the game will play, which is very old-school. R.B.I. Baseball '14 represents the first entry in the R.B.I. franchise for a very long time. It also marks the first video game release from Major League Baseball Advanced Media, which is a partnership of Major League Baseball's club owners which handles the digital side of MLB, including

To check out the video on MLB's website, head here, or click the image below. For more on the game, including a handful of screenshots, head here. The game will be available tomorrow on Xbox 360, but is also planned for PlayStation 3, mobile, and new-gen consoles. The release date for the new-gen versions of the game are unannounced, but a previous report points to an April 10 release for mobile and PlayStation 3.


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  • I can see why there hasn't been much out on this game so far. It looks like it's going to play really poorly. Doesn't look very good either. Seems like a cheap way to make some money off the old R.B.I. Baseball name. Yeah, I know the games of 20+ years ago are nothing revolutionary compared to what's capable now, but this looks about on par with some flash game.
  • Wow, this game looks terrible. Watch the batter slide on his feet after he gets hit by a pitch. May 6th can't come soon enough.
  • Looks rough.

  • *whiff*

  • This game looks exactly like Ken Griffy JR Baseball from the SNES. That was a fun and quick play baseball game. The graphics are average but it looks like it will be a simple yet fun game to play.

  • I keep seeing the title as R.I.B. and getting hungry. I haven't eaten yet... also I don't care for baseball.

  • Loved the original, so if it plays like that, I'd definitely give it a try. I really hope people don't expect this to be anything close to a sim baseball game.
  • Wow, that looks really dated.

  • People must not know what RBI Baseball is if everyone keeps talking about how bad it looks or how bad it plays. This isn't a baseball sim like MLB The Show. It's made to be like an arcade style game. They aren't making it to be a hyper realistic simulation of baseball. I played the absolute hell out of things like RBI Baseball and the Ken Griffey Jr baseball games back in the 90's. If this is going to be close to those, which it really looks like it will be, then I'll definitely play it. I much prefer this style of Baseball game over the sim type.
  • This may look ugly, but if it's still as fun as the old RBI Baseball games, then this could be okay. Not a competitor to The Show, but still a arcade/sim type of game.

  • That... Looks bad.

  • This game actually looks better than anything 2K has put out the past 4 years.....Guarantee it doesn't have as many glitches and bugs either.
  • It's going for an arcade style so I understand it doesn't need to be super realistic. But the animations just look a bit off to me.

  • It looks like it's been sitting around for 15 years.

  • oh my god, 2k please just make Bigs 3. I loved Bigs 2.

  • Wow. The graphics are really outdated.
  • This looks a bit crappy. Ok it looks pretty bad. I can't wait for a test chamber.

  • I would rather have seen a throw back, 8 bit style of graphics. Or at least an homage to it. Also from the small sample, the soundtrack and the announcer's voice seem like a nightmare.

  • If this plays like the original I will be a happy gamer. The original was my favorite baseball game ever. And by the trailer it appears to be. Super simple. That's all I want out of this game.

  • This looks horrible.

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