[Update] Tropico 5 On Track For Summer

by Matthew Kato on Mar 20, 2014 at 04:56 AM

Update: Tropico 5 developer Ivan-Assen Ivanov has tweeted that his previous statement about Tropico 5 being delayed indefinitely was "a joke."

Meanwhile, Kalypso PR rep Bernd Berheide tweeted the game is on track for an early summer release. This was confirmed by Kalypso PR and marketing head Mark Allen, who told us Ivan-Assen's joke was simply a joke that was lost in translation.

Furthermore, Kalypso's Allen says that the game isn't supporting Unity 5 or Epic or Crytek's subscription plans, and it's business as usual. 


Original Story: Tropico 5 – the latest title in the long-running island-building, power-wielding series – is being "suspended indefinitely" according to the technical director of developer Haemimont Games.

According to a tweet from Ivan-Assen Ivanov (below), the technical director for Tropico 5 developer Haemimont Games, the studio is putting the game on hold for the time being. Ivanov states that the studio is porting it to Unity 5 as well as taking advantage of the newly announced engine subscription plans for Epic's Unreal Engine 4 and Crytek's CryEngine.

The game was originally slated to release on the Xbox 360, PC, Linux, and Mac some time this year, with a PlayStation 4 version also planned.

For more on the game, here's the first teaser trailer.

[Source: @ivanassen via @abiessener]


Our Take:
I hazard to guess how long this whole process will take, but hopefully not long. Conversely, it didn't take much time for some developers to embrace Epic and Crytek's new offers.