Rental Options Temporarily Pop Up On PlayStation Store

by Jeff Cork on Mar 14, 2014 at 04:50 AM

Sony's weekly update to its PlayStation Store ran into a few problems earlier this week, and it's possible that the company inadvertently released something in the process. For a while at least, some users were apparently given the option to rent games from the online marketplace, in addition to purchasing the content.

Acting on a user tip, the site PSNStores was able to select the rental option for Atlus' game Catherine, where they were give the option to select from single-day, week, and 30-day-long rental periods. None of the options were functional, however. We've attempted to do the same, but the rental option is no longer available.

It's possible that this could be related to Sony's upcoming PlayStation Now streaming service, which is currently in closed beta. Perhaps Sony will provide more details on what exactly happened during next week's GDC in San Francisco.

[Source PSNStores via VG247]


Our Take
There are plenty of games that I'm interested in playing, but don't have me quite convinced that they're worth the $60 it would take to find out for sure. I know I'm lucky, but being able to rent games digitally is a great and convenient way to see more of a game than a demo can possibly provide.