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About The Vault

Often called Game Informer’s Library of Congress, the Vault is hands-down the best part of the offices. With over 11,000 games currently stored inside and still growing, it really is a sight to behold that each and every editor shows off with nerdy pride. As part of our 200th issue celebration, we’re finally unbolting the locks and giving you the full reveal of everything inside. Above you will find a full, one gigabit interactive 3D image that now only allows you to look around on your own, but zoom in to see just part of our hug collection. To the right and immediately below, we’ve compiled some pretty cool stats and broken down the totals by platform. And finally below, you will find a full, HD video tour with Executive Editor Andrew Reiner and Media Editor Nick Ahrens. They take a walk through the entire collection and point out just some off the coolest items inside. So there you have it. The Game Informer Vault. Enjoy!

  • There are 59 games with Mario's name on them in the vault
  • His rival Sonic takes up 43 of our games
  • We have exactly 99 Star Wars branded games
  • There are just as many Grand Theft Auto games in the vault as there are Dynasty Warriors with 24 each
  • Our total number of Final Fantasy games reaches 26
  • Tony Hawk has beaten Final Fantasy with 29 total count in the vault
  • The John Madden series is our second largest collection with 76 games
Note: Because of the large size of this HD video, some users may have to let the entire video load before playing will begin.
This 3D tour requires Silverlight, a free browser plugin.