Outlast's First DLC Tells The Story Before The Story

by Jeff Cork on Feb 26, 2014 at 03:19 AM

While playing Outlast, did you wonder what exactly happened at Mount Massive Asylum before you arrived? When you weren't busy hiding from murderous creatures dead-set on tearing you limb from limb, that is? Developer Red Barrels have announced their first DLC for the game, which is designed to fill in some of those gaps.

Outlast: Whistleblower lets you play as a software engineer named Waylon Park, who worked with the scientists and other people behind the scenes at the asylum. As players progress through the expansion, they'll learn how Park grows disgusted with the human experimentation he sees. Red Barrels says that players will not only learn about the events prior to the game's opening, but the download will also show the final chapter.

Whistleblower will be coming to both PC and PS4 this April. The game came out on PC last September, but just hit Sony's new console.


Our Take
Judging from the screen above, things are going to go catastrophically south for Park. I'm a sucker for stories that are told through different characters' perspectives, so this looks like something I'll enjoy. The story, that is. I could take or leave the guy in the bloody briefs.