Sony Sending Out PlayStation Now Beta Invites

by Jeff Cork on Jan 29, 2014 at 03:56 AM

Sony formally announced its PlayStation Now game-streaming service at CES, and now the company is preparing to let the first wave of players get their hands on it.

People who signed up for the beta are starting to get confirmation emails, which explain how to complete registration for the beta. According to the email, which was posted on IGN, Sony recommends that players connect their PlayStation 3 to a wired ethernet connection that supports speeds of 5Mbps or higher. Sony didn't provide any specific date as to when the beta will go live, other than a reference to it arriving "in coming days." PlayStation Now is expected to become available to the public at large this summer.

PlayStation Now is a subscription-based service that will allow players to access a variety of games from Sony's library. It will initially be available on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, but it will eventually support other devices including the Vita, Bravia televisions, and non-Sony devices. We tried it out at CES, and you can read our impressions here.

[Source: IGN]


Our Take
I haven't checked it out myself, but I'm definitely interested to see how PlayStation Now works at home as opposed to a controlled environment like CES. If it's as great an experience as Sony is promising, it could be a tempting alternative for people who might want to check out games like but aren't quite ready to splurge on a console.