Sony's cloud-based service has an official name - and is coming to a variety of devices, including PlayStation 4, Bravia TVs, and tablets.

Sony's Andrew House made the announcement at the company's CES press conference.

The service, titled PlayStation Now, will feature games from the original PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 3. It will work with a number of devices, including Bravia televisions, tablets, and PlayStation Vita. House revealed that at CES, showgoers will be able to play the company's titles The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls on Bravia TVs and Vita streaming at the show.

House also said that there will be multiple retail models. You'll be able to rent by title or pay a one-price subscription.

PlayStation Now will go into a closed beta at the end of January and roll out officially sometime this summer.

Our Take:
If Sony can pull this off, it will be extremely impressive. The idea of being able to stream games as complex as The Last of Us off a TV with no console could be a game changer.