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Reader Discussion: What Would You Like To See Change At Nintendo?

by Kyle Hilliard on Jan 26, 2014 at 12:08 PM

Nintendo is having trouble gaining traction with the Wii U. Something should probably change with its business model. What would you like to see Nintendo do differently?

Most are saying Nintendo needs to start developing games and apps for mobile devices like Android devices and iPhones. We recently contemplated what kind of software Nintendo could release on mobile devices, if it ever decided to do so. Of course, the answer is never as simple as that. Nintendo lowering its sales forecast would not be automatically fixed with Mario appearing on iTunes. Do you have any other ideas?

Nintendo helped to set the standard for how to make money with video games for years. You sell a console and then you make and sell games for that console, and you sell the rights to allow others to make games for that console. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are still making money this way, even if the latter is currently struggling to meet expectations.

Things have changed in the last few years, however, expanding the ways in which video games can be profitable. Some companies give their game away for free and ask the players who enjoy the game most to buy small items for the game with frequency. Some charge a monthly fee to allow players to keep playing their game. Some sell advertising inside of their free games. Some companies sell action figures along with their games to help expand profits. And of course, some sell their games on popular cell phones.

Nintendo has mostly stuck with the original model. It is dipping its toe in free-to-play with an upcoming version of Steel Diver, and is also trying to sell its games piece-meal with its high-definition Wii Sports re-releases.

Of these new business models attempted by other publishers and video game developers, are there any that you would like to see Nintendo adopt? Do you have any interest in buying Nintendo games on your cell phone? Should Rosalina have been an action figure you could buy at the store as opposed to an unlockable character in Super Mario 3D World? Should Animal Crossing be a free download with the option to purchase your favorite couch with real money? Or should Nintendo do what it usually does and come up with something entirely new? Let us know in the comments below.

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