Disney Infinity released in August of last year, and since its launch, more than 3 million starter packs have been sold. The starter pack includes three figures, the base, a power disc, and the game, and as the title implies, it offers a good point of entry for the Disney Infinity platform. That number does not cover the sales numbers related to additional figures or add-ons.

Disney Infinty appears on NPD's top games of 2013, appearing at number 10 below the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft. Every other game on the list was a sequel or a continuation of a franchise. You can see the full list here. NPD only shares an ordered list of top selling games. The 3 million starter pack sales number comes from the New York Times.

According to New York Times, Disney Infinity cost $100 million to develop and helped to elevate Disney's profits to $16 million, compared to a loss of $76 million a year prior.

[Source: New York Times]


Our Take
I don't think anyone expected anything but success for Disney Infinity when it was first announced, but it still seems to have exceeded expectations. In its ongoing battle against Skylanders, I'm curious to see if one topples the other, or if the two can live together in action figure harmony. Despite success (Skylanders Swap Force was one of December's best-selling games), at the end of the year, it seems as though Disney Infinity is slightly ahead.