Android Version Of Final Fantasy VI Currently Has Game-Breaking Bug

by Mike Futter on Jan 20, 2014 at 03:05 PM

If you played Final Fantasy VI on the SNES (when it was called Final Fantasy III here in the United States), you might recall an epic battle between villain Kefka and a noble hero that didn’t end so well. In fact, rumors persisted for years about secret was to save or later find said fallen hero and add him to your party. Now, that story has a new twist.

The Android version of Final Fantasy VI, which was recently released, has a game breaking bug. It occurs during that moment, disabling progress entirely. Square Enix has confirmed the bugs via a note in the Google Play store. Be warned, spoilers for this almost 20 year old title follow.

The following bugs have been confirmed and fixes are forthcoming:

- The game no longer crashes during the cutscene showing the fight between Kefka and General Leo.

- The icon for Sabin's Blitz ability now displays correctly.

- A misspelling of the term "Esper" has been corrected.

Final Fantasy VI is available on the Google Play Store for $15.99. An iOS release should be along shortly.

[Source: Google Play via Kotaku]


Our Take
Final Fantasy VI is my favorite in the series, and that is why I am crying on the inside over the aesthetic overhaul. There are other ways to play Final Fantasy VI, and while the draw of mobile might be great for some, I would encourage you to seek out the title with its original graphics.

As for General Leo, I was one of the hopeful. I tried to save him, and I tried to find him later. As you might already know, that quest didn’t end any more successfully than attempts to save Aerith.