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Microsoft Clarifies Halo Movie Rumors

by Ben Reeves on Jan 14, 2014 at 07:29 AM

This morning, a few rumors started to circulate that Alien director Ridley Scott was on track to produce a feature-length Halo film. According to Microsoft, this is not the case.

The Halo franchise has had a torrid affair with Hollywood, trying to kickstart a film, and coming seemingly close a few times, but never actually succeeding. Production Weekly sparked a whole new set of rumors about a possible Halo film, but according to a Microsoft spokesperson, these are just fan dreams.

"We expect you’ve seen the rumors circulating about the Halo movie," wrote the spokesperson. 'We’re trying to get out ahead of this one and let you know that as we’ve previously stated, we have no plans for a Halo motion picture at this time."


Our Take
This is depressing news for fans for the series who would like to see a big budget epic up on the silver screen. 343 Industries' live-action Halo web series Forward Unto Dawn might have helped scratch some of that itch, and the developer has partnered with Steven Spielberg for a live-action Halo television series, which could lead to something cool, but those still aren't the same thing as a summer blockbuster.