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The First Batch Of ‘Rockstar Verified’ GTA Online Jobs Is Live

by Mike Futter on Dec 27, 2013 at 03:21 AM

Now that Grand Theft Auto Online players have had their hands on the content creator for a few weeks, Rockstar is starting to hand out seals of approval. The first jobs to get the “Rockstar Verified” label are now tagged as such.

These jobs have been tested by Rockstar and chosen from the over 1 million races and deathmatches that have already been created. All of the jobs that get the Rockstar seal of approval will be available on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 regardless of originating platform.

The first group includes six races and four deathmatches. Their names are:


  • Over the Hill by LGX No Mercy
  • Jump and Die by keatonw33
  • Jumps Jumps Jumps by iTzPressure
  • Quick ’n’ Quarrelsome by Fatigue Psycho
  • Drift King by MrPalms
  • LS Forum by caskillo


  • Seal Team Six by ishtheengineer
  • Saving Ryan’s Privates by dafr3aka
  • Prison Thugz Fight by Mike921
  • Bridge of Death by Junestar225

Rockstar is inviting users to share their best creations in the comments section of the announcement post. This will enable other users to give the races and deathmatches a try and, possibly, even the Rockstar team. 

[Source: Rockstar Newswire]


Our Take
This is a quick turnaround, especially during a holiday week. While Rockstar hasn’t promised a specific timeframe or schedule for player-created job approval, this gives me hope that the cadence will be brisk. The more content Rockstar pushes out to fans, the longer they’ll stay engaged.